11:20 am
While working on the Summernote app for Clay, I noticed attached videos (from YouTube, vimeo, etc) were put in iframes. Unfortunately my HTML filter forbids iframes and for good reason. So, I made something new instead. I've made a way to embed videos, images, tweets, Github's, etc, without compromising to XSS attackers. It uses a server side response to validate a request and then attaches the relevant tags to display the type of content. I actually borrowed part of the idea, but haven't seen an implementation quite like mine. It uses ajax of course, so each item loads independently and uses a standard starter tag to launch it, regardless of content type. I built the JavaScript side into the main JS file for Clay, so it will work anywhere on the page. I still have to do the button actions in Summernote, but that looks fairly easy.
So, I've been working on a custom upload Callback for Summernote, pretty much the last 3 hours. I could not get it to work. I searched for every keyword I could think of and everything showed variations of what I was doing. Finally, I found this little blurb on the docs that say since 0.7.0, callbacks require to be wrapped in callback : {}. Hours of frustration, looking at the same few lines and rewriting the same thing, over and over... Nothing I found on Google, even stuff posted in December, showed that for callbacks. I want to hug whomever wrote that blurb... In summary, callbacks in Summernote 0.7.1 have to be wrapped in callback.
5:05 pm
I didn't get to work on the new blog stuff tonight, but I am looking forward to being able to add pics from my phone and even video. I am working on adding an API to supports CDNs and cloud storage for those. But, I did build a BA coil for my ecig tonight. I actually had the ohms down to 0.1, but I think the regulator on my mod either didn't like it or the battery was too low. I generally run 0.5-7, but I adjusted this one up to 0.4, just in case. I'll have to get a bigger batt, don't want to push it too low. I'm just using a Kangertech Subtank mini with the RBA on the eleaf 50W batt. I'll have to get something bigger down the road.
3:12 pm
After some messing around, I decided I want to try a newer HTML editor for blogs.  I've been looking into Summernote, which I like a lot. It's better maintained than the Bootstrap-WYSIHTML5 editors and I don't have to dig through forks to see which one are actually being maintained or updated.
They are very similar, but Summernote actually has image upload and appears to be more customizable, although I admit my attempts to customize WYSIHTML5 has been limited. Just playing around for now, but I'm learning toward at least putting Summernote through a trial run for a few months. I don't really see a point in maintaining 2 very similar editors, so whichever I pick is going to be the only one I keep in Clay.
5:37 pm
So... apparently the editor works just fine.  The problem may be with bootstrap.
Edit: The problem is actually the width of the editor, or so it seems. Looks like I may have to look for a different way to use the editor on smaller screens.

5:34 pm
I'm going to be working on some publishing features that I plan to put on this site. I'm not decided on how feature rich in want to go, since I kind of like keeping it simple around here, but too simple is boring. A lot of it will get pushed to the Clay repo as well. I'm thinking some social network mixins and a photo gallery would be nice additions. I also need to work on this text editor on mobile...
5:56 pm
I hate moving...spent all day getting stuff ready and not even close to done. Also hate most of my stuff is 220v and I can't use it in the States. I really need to add some features tonthis site too...boring!
I took my kids to see the new Star Wars movie today. I thought it was good and don't agree with a lot of the criticisms. So here's my take. "Too Retro": I've heard a lot of people complain about how much it was like A New Hope. Those are probably the same people that complained because Episode I wasn't enough like A New Hope. It was a lot like it, but it was obvious Disney wanted to show it wasn't going to mess up the franchise, at least not out of the gate. "Rey was subpar": BS. Rey was a BA and while I felt like the directing was forced, no pun intended, at times, I thought Rey was played on point. "How was Rey able to do ________": she lived on her own, of course she is going to have some fairly different talents. And....there are quite a few more but its a freaking movie. Maybe if some people worried as much about real life as they do their favorite movie franchise the world would be a little better place. My kids loved it...
So, that's one of my resolutions this year...although it may be impossible considering I'll be relocating soon. One of my other resolutions is to have my new project live by this time next year. Also probably not possible, considering scale, but it's a goal at least. I have been coding regularly, but I find myself fixing little things in Clay more than the new stuff. I have some architectural plans to work through, so I'm kind of taking my time right now. I know how I want to do it, but I don't have the resources for that. My goal is to do it the way I can and hope to secure enough capital to transition to something that will scale better. It will scale either way, but it could be more cost affective. I'm also fighting not to release it as open source. Guess I'm just not used to not releasing what I make. Happy New Year!
10:49 pm
Happy New Year (in Italy) and ROLL TIDE!!
7:14 pm
I was thinking earlier about how the past Internet giants fell. We had AOL, which to many of us was the Internet. Then Yahoo!, which gobbled up countless other web companies and slowly shriveled. MySpace was the beginning of mass social media. Where are they now? Still here, but not competing. Many big companies survived and are still kicking, thriving even, both those were considered giants and fell. How long can Facebook continue its run? I it here to stay or will it fall to something better? Can there be something better or would people just continue to use Facebook? Personally, I think there can be something better and will be. I think Facebook can fall. I don't know if it will, but I see a decline or at least a stagnation. That, to me, means there's a chance in 10 years Facebook could just have been the next MySpace and the previous to something better. Just a thought :)