1:02 am

One of the tools Clay has been missing is an analytics system. I'm working toward adding one, but I don't want to use Google or any of the big corps. I have some simple pieces in place, but nothing competitive. I may go with an integrated version of an open source tool, which means I'll probably contribute some ideas to it. I'm still looking for the right one. I'd rather not fork one, but that's a possibility as well.

12:55 am

I've been working on DataObjects for Clay. It's an extensible library that helps you build apps faster, by giving you a unified api to handle data and relationships. It's like scaffolding, but better. I had been reserving Clay 2.0 for it, but I decided to begin implementing a light version for 1.x to aid in the upgrade process in thr future. I don't plan on building it into every Clay 1.x app. In the future I plan to replace the plugins system with DataObjects, but for now it will use hooks to and from plugins as an interface into apps. I'm liking the direction so far.

12:34 am

My new hobby is checking logs for hackers. Kind of makes me feel important. I didn't mention my improved logging features in Clay 1.3 maybe? If they keep it up I'll start sharing their information... I'm sure they are just bored, but I get bored too... ;) Who knows? Maybe some of my friends want to have fun too. I'm assuming you know English, if not, oh well. will have Bible commentaries one day. It's going to take a lot of work, between building the functionality into Clay and formatting the texts. To help things along, I made a github repo to store the texts as markdown in the meantime. Check it out. I'll be adding texts when I have time, but the formatting is a work in progress.

I've launched a Bible site, built on Clay, at (PFG). Currently, it's only an online KJV Bible with a search engine. I plan to add more features in the future, such as commentary, discussions, and open blogs. Check it out and let me know what you think.

PFG is using the Potter theme, which was the first theme I built using ClaySS. The Bible app was an old Xaraya module I made about 15 years ago, which I updated and converted to a Clay app. The search engine is the greatest improvement over the old Xaraya module and returns better results than any other online Bible I've tried. The search engine also breaks down the results by Old/New Testament and books, which allows you to more easily filter results.

The upgrade to Clay 1.3 is now complete and everything should be functioning as normal.


  • Markdown support in Blog and Comments
  • New ClaySS sass-based CSS framework (no Bootstrap)
  • Vue.js support in all applications (no JQuery)
  • New admin friendly Navigation plugin (top navbar)
  • Vision 2 theme replaced Vision theme
  • Refined privilege system
  • New Blog app layout

We love markdown :)

Potential Changes Coming for Clay 1.3.1

Clay 1.3 brings a new frontend system and will likely before the last major version before Clay 2.0's beta. That doesn't mean I don't have more work to do in Clay 1. The Pages and Contact apps are on deck for 1.3.1, as well as another navigation block and some new plugins. I'm not sure what all will make it into the next update, but I plan to round out a few features before 2.0.

I have some privileges to finish adding, but as you can see, the site is back up. Once I'm finished, I'll go into some details about the upgrade.

I'm in the processing of upgrading the site. This should take less than an hour, but I'll be doing backups first, then the actual upgrade should be fairly quick.

1:08 am

I've been working on my car this week, so no coding for me. The good news is I think its fixed. I'll find out on my way to/from work tomorrow I guess. I hadn't been driving it, but I got the OBD codes to clear tonight and it's running a lot smoother. I had gotten a little lazy on maintenance and it made me pay for it. I'll have to give it more attention and maybe I can do some preventive maintenance. The last code it was showing is no joke, so hopefully I ran it down to the correct part and it wont be back. If not, I may have to do some internal maintenance, which isn't exactly my forte.

11:14 pm

I finally got to work on Clay more. I've fixed a few bugs and small issues here and there. I ran into an issue with the delete hook for markdown deleting all markdown copies of entries, I guess I probably hadn't tested that very much. It appears everything is ready for the upgrade here.

I also did some minor updates on a few apps to fix  some uniformity issues. I have some more testing in the Bible app, which will go on a new site. That's the only thing preventing me from upgrading here right now. I'll probably run one more local upgrade, just to make sure everything is good. Hopefully by Wednesday I can do it here for real.

2:12 am

After a lot of thinking about it, I really want to build a social network. Everyone seems to tired of companies abusing their power. I think if the right solution came out people would leave sites like Facebook by the millions. I'm going to give it shot...

2:05 am

Well, I had some work stuff come up this past weekend so I wasnt able to finish testing for the upgrade. Tonight I should have finished it, but i ran into some problems that ended up being a simple file permissions issue. I was really concerned before I discovered the mistake, because my dev build worked fine, but the upgrade kept crashing for no apparent reason. 

I rewrote the same few lines of code every way I could think of and it ended up not even being the code. Oh well, at least I have another improvement to work into 2.0 now. Tuesday I'll try again with the issue tonight fixed. Upgrade "week" continues for now...