Developer Theme for ClayCMS

Posted by david on 24 May 2012 at 7:13 pm

I'm working on a theme for developers to use as a starter theme. It's going to replace the older Empty theme, which is out dated at the moment. Empty will be renamed and restyled to use the new CSS requirements in ClayCMS (though they are still evolving). 

The developer theme will have a page template that is fairly void, just showing the theme output methods. It will also have a separate page that is the beginning of our theme documentation. I'm building it for Valter to use to get to know the theme system better, but decided I may as well make it a standard feature :)

Side note: documenting code usually shows where there is room for improvement, this is another case of that. I've added a few theme system features to the TODO list since I started documenting the theme.


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