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Posted by david on 31 May 2012 at 9:19 pm

Almost 4 years ago was my project of focus, a hosted content management system built on a hybrid of Xaraya and the codebase that would become Clay. I stopped development of to further develop Clay into a standalone framework, with the hope of one day building the content management system on just Clay. Well, we're not there yet, but is coming back in a different way. Clay isn't feature rich enough yet to support a hosted content management system on its own, but it is getting closer. This time around will serve as the flagship web site for promoting Clay and will offer services built on Clay, along with other initiatives. It could one day move back in the direction it was once going, but times have changed and so has the way people use the Internet. There are many web sites out there that offer the older BeSquishy-like functionality, although I have yet to find anything close to a full realization of BeSquishy's ambitions; Facebook is probably the closest at this point. This time around BeSquishy will cater more to web developers and open source intiatives it sponsors. 

Starting off I plan for BeSquishy to offer some web services that I feel will make web developers' lives a little easier, some of which are available else where, some are not. BeSquishy will be completely open and anything it offers will be open sourced for collaboration. Everything won't be tied to Clay, although I imagine a lot of the code/initiatives developed through BeSquishy will be included in Clay in one form or another. It will be a separate entity, but will have close ties to the Clay Project as a sponsor.

Between illnesses in my family and a never ending busy work schedule, I am not sure exactly when BeSquishy will makes it appearance. I have a vague idea for a timeline. I have long planned to have online by the end of July, so I imagine could show up sometime around that timeframe as well. I plan to create a GitHub organization and begin throwing some ideas in there for the first few web services to offer. I'll keep you updated.


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