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Posted by david on 04 June 2012 at 12:59 am

One of my goals for the new is to make it a content and data services provider. There are several sites that offer hooked like content services, such as Disqus' comment system, and I believe it is the future of content management. A lot of people do not have the time, resources, or experience to set up their own web site and deal with upgrades, backups, and troubleshooting. They often get a hosted solution, settle for a service that doesn't meet all of their needs, or jump from solution to solution trying to find one that will allow their sites to adapt with their changing needs. I, personally, appreciate how many open source solutions there are, but for someone that just wants something they can mold to their needs, it can be a tedious process to narrow down the choices.

What I want to do is split up content services and the data that powers them and offer the two as services. It will start with data manipulation, then ways to create, store, and retrieve data. The idea is to make the data available so it can be used in any way, both server and client side. It will include session management  and act, in a lot of ways, like a remote database. The goal here is to enable someone to build a rich web site from purely hosted data and HTML/Javascript. It could even be a good developer tool for prototyping, as I intend to offer data exporting and ways to backup all of the stored data.

For content services I want to provide interfaces to go with the data, also hosted and available to be used in any way. Much like Disqus offers a hosted comment system, BeSquishy will allow you to hook in content and data that is managed and stored remotely. That's the idea anyway.

BeSquishy isn't online yet, but the true value to the experience I hope to offer through it is it will be open source and open for anyone to contribute to it. I don't plan to charge for it, but if there is enough demand there is a potential for premium services or dedicated support. I think it's the future of content management and so far I've been pretty lucky when it comes to predicting things like that. There are also other things I want to offer through BeSquishy, but they are related to the idea above, in one way or another, and it is way too early to get into those :)


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