4th Pressure Switch Replacement on 2005 Honda Pilot

Posted by david on 14 June 2012 at 12:25 am

Automatic Transmission Left Side CoverThe Shift indicator light began blinking on my 2005 Honda Pilot, so I had a transmission diagnostic ran. The dealer told me it was getting a 4th Pressure Switch fault. They wanted to charge a couple of hundred dollars to fix it. I got the part number from them and decided to fix it myself. I found this web site that has some pretty awesome diagrams, along with all of the parts in the picture. They charge below list prices and ended up replacing the 4th (#11 in the diagram) and the 3rd (#12 in the diagram). I also bought new fender clips and new washers for the switches, all for under $100. It took less than an hour to replace the switches and would have taken less if my old fender clips didn't all break in the process of removing the fender guard.



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