Clay Framework Development

Posted by david on 16 May 2014 at 6:51 pm
Unless you've been following my blog a while, you may not realize there are 2 hierarchies of Clay: the underlying libraries and modules that make up Clay Framework and then the feature level, formerly known as Clay CMS, simply called Clay. Early on in devleopment I would maintain them separately and pull updates into Clay. Over time I stopped maintaining both and began using just the Clay codebase. Once Clay reaches 1.0 status I will trim it down and release the framework as well. This is important because I will then begin moving the framework toward 2.0 and the process will start all over with 2 codebases. As I get closer to 1.0 I can't help but think of what needs to be added or changed. The plans for development of Passage will bring in a whole new dimension to both. It will require a new REST api and several template engine changes, plus some other major core changes. I also hope to build in composer support and a built in code management system. The code management functionality will be split between the framework and the Installer package of Clay. The goal there is to provide a scaffolding system for creating sites and applications, while also providing a built in IDE. Only time will tell if all of that makes it into 2.0 though.


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