Posted by david on 27 June 2014 at 8:32 pm
Hopefully Saturday I'll have a Plugins functional and a sample plugin finished so I can do some testing. I'll still have to do a lot of work in the Plugins application, but that is stuff I can take a little longer to iron out. The first official plugin will probably be part of a Comments application. I'm still trying to decide if I want to use a 3rd party service for comments or write my own. I'm leaning toward writing my own. I wrote one about 7 years ago, if I do, I at least have an idea of how to do it. Once Plugins are working, I have a few directions I can go from there. The form plugin will be part of the objects app, which is a 1.0 goal. I also have the editors and dashboard to migrate from services. There are several base apps I want to make, such as articles, a photo gallery, a forum, categories, and a solid menu application. I'll more than likely jump around a little and work on cleaning the code base up while I do all of that. Plugins are going to be a little simpler than I originally planned, as far as complexity goes. It's going to take some testing to make sure there aren't any hidden bottlenecks though. Progress continues :)


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