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Posted by david on 09 July 2017 at 11:43 pm

Well, I finally finished the site upgrade I'd planned since May. There are tons of differences between the version of Clay that was here and the new one. Most of them you can't see yet.

The biggest obvious difference will be blog post formatting, my old text editor didn't work on mobile, which is where I do most of my posts. Now there should be line breaks and a better display of the posts.

Upgrades (* indicates not enabled here yet):

  • HTTPS (secure connection)
  • Improved overall user security
  • Updated theme with newer Bootstrap
  • Updated Blog Post layouts
  • Better appearance on phones and tablets
  • New text editor
  • Comments *
  • Image uploads
  • Media sharing
  • Plugins to hook parts of apps together
  • Improved installer/upgrades

There are many changes within Clay that you can't see here, but those listed above the ones important for here.

The next step in the upgrade is to enable user registration and comments, then I'll start working on some more design improvements.

There should be a Clay release coming soon, I'm pretty happy with this version, but I have identified a few bugs to fix. The roadmap I blogged about a few days ago still stands so far, but the next one will be another 0.9.x.x release.


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