Posted by david on 12 July 2017 at 1:32 am

I mentioned in my Clay Roadmap post I wanted to finish a few apps before I release Clay 1.0. I restarted one tonight, it's a contact app. Here I use a Google form for contacting me, it's pretty convenient and they've added some nice features. I know that isn't always desired, so I'm building a full featured contact app that will store the message on the site or send it in an email (or both maybe).

It'll also have some more professional options, such as a map and directions, as well as other means of contact such as social media. Also, I may do a plugin that allows each user to have a contact form.

Another app I had considered is a messages app, so I may use a plugin from it to the contact app. Messages will be like text messages, not chat, but I do want to enable a few forms of notifications. That one I believe I could do rather quickly, but it may have to wait until after 1.0 is released. 

I don't think I will have time to get to all of the apps I want before the 1.0 release. I also want to finish the Pages app, which is a priority, and I'd like to do a simple forum app as well. I'm more concerned with generic apps right now and will probably work on the more complex ones in the 2.0 branch.


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