Posted by david on 25 October 2017 at 12:53 am

I'm back to work on the ClaySS CSS framework. The thing I think that makes this framework different is the way it doesn't just use SASS, it is being built to provide useful styles, but also leaves room for building onto it. Every style has variables for every setting, so it is completely customizable. It will also include all of the styling for Clay, including applications, in a single generated stylesheet. 

The way it works is the theme has an scss file that contains all of it's custom CSS and variables and an include to ClaySS. When the css is compiled, it pulls in everything else and overrides whatever it is customizing. This prevents an application from overriding the theme and allows you to quickly update a theme for compatibility. It also allows you to use a single CSS file and not have to link so many stylesheets. 

ClaySS also provides many utility styles, which means individual applications won't have as many application-specific styles. Finally, it allows me to build in a modular fashion, which divides everything by type and function. The variables are namespaced modularly as well, so if you identify a style to update, you use a variable following the namespace pattern and shouldn't have to dig to find out what that variable is called.

Once it is further along, I'll write a blog post about using iotaCSS and how I've used it within ClaySS.


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