Posted by david on 14 January 2018 at 3:22 am

I've been working on the Clay 1 rewrite to Clay 2. It's going to be significantly different. Clay 1 was rewritten so many times that a lot of spaghetti code crept in over the years. All of that should be resolved and Clay 2 will be much easier to maintain. I'm also dropping a few low-level features, such as the standalone installer and it's packages. I wish I'd known that last month when I converted the Installer to the new front-end, but I'm sure I can transition some of it to the new system, it'll still need an installer.

Clay 2 will be configuration driven, just as Clay 1, so it's mostly implementation changes and not necessarily philosophy changes. I'm still following my own line, it's not a copy of anything else out there. Hopefully it'll work out as planned right now, because I already love the simplicity forming. I thought Clay 1 was simple, but I've been told that was because I lived in it for 10 years. Clay 2 is actually simpler, more modular, and has a smaller footprint.

I will be developing and maintaining Clay 1.3 for as long as is needed until Clay 2 gets here. This isn't one of my year long rewrites without an update, Clay 1 is still alive, I'm just starting on the next chapter as well.


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