Posted by david on 28 February 2018 at 12:16 am

The AF has kept me busy lately so haven't had a lot of time for coding or anything else for that matter. I did try out ApacheBench on Clay 2 tonight. It's a benchmark tool built into Apache. I don't want to mention the results yet, because I need to run some comparison tests against other CMS', but damn...Clay 2 killed it and Clay 1 wasn't all that far behind. Like I said, I want to run some comparisons, but the same benchmarks run on faster systems for WordPress and other popular CMS' aren't even close. 

I can tell MySQL connections are my bottleneck, which is probably true for the other tests I've seen, but I ran the tests against a full install of Clay 1 and it still soundly beat them. Once I have time I'll do a match up against the more popular CMS' I've seen benchmarks for just to show a comparison. I can't wait to see what Clay 2 does in a few months, once we finish rewriting the database library and have more optimizations in place. Ironically, my Apache server is setup for development and is quite a bit heavier than I'd run in production.

I'll work on installing some CMS' and when I have time to compile the data I'll put it up here.


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