Posted by david on 12 March 2018 at 1:40 am

I've been working on Clay 1.3 again, I've decided to put 2.0 on hold until my business partner is available to help. I have a couple of other sites i want to build with 1.3 in the meantime, so I want to solidify a few features while i have time. I've been working on the menu plugin, which will have horizontal and vertical menu options. My goal is to eventually make the site header customizable by plugins, instead of in the theme, so everything you see at the top of the site will be a part of the menu plugin (optionally).

One of the sites i want to launch is an online bible with commentary. The Bible part is started, but it'll also drive some other features I plan to work on once i get the menu plugin working. It's a site I've wanted to do for years and always got distracted working on something else.


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