Posted by david on 14 March 2018 at 12:18 am

The new menu plugin is finally functional as a navbar, i still have to work on the styling for a vertical menu. This plugin has several optional features, including to display the site name, home link, error log link, dashboard link, and user options. Some options will obviously be specific to the menu layout, so more options may be added for the vertical menu. I also plan to have a logo upload/selection option and eventually to add dropdown links. 

I added a header plugin group to the theme page templates and the menu is working as expected so far. The reason for so many options is to allow the navbar to be used below the site header or other places on the site, if desired, so it doesn't have to be a single use plugin.

The plugin on my dev build looks and acts exactly like the navbar here, except the links are no longer hard coded into the toolbar template. The toolbar now simply acts as the message center for notifications. Eventually the toolbar will be spun off into a plugin or combined with the menu plugin. Maybe both.

The next step to is work on the vertical styling and add an optional app menu to the app core. The idea there is to allow you to display app features/options in the menu for the app that currently displayed. It'll also allow you to simply load the links for apps without manually adding them one at a time. 

I'm making nearly all of the features for the menu plugin optional, because I don't like cookie cutter sites and some of the features will somewhat affect performance.


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