Posted by david on 26 February 2019 at 1:02 am

Backstory: I lived in Italy for 3 years, which is when I started vaping. While there I found this pomegranate eliquid (juice) I really loved. It was slightly sweet, slightly tart, and tasted somewhat like a fresh pomegranate. When I was leaving Italy, I stopped mixing my own juice and bought up a bunch of it. After vaping it almost non-stop, I moved back to the US and went to every local vape shop trying to find a good pomegranate juice. It all tasted like perfume. I was really disappointed and ended up settling for a mild whipped fruit flavor for my daily vape.

Today I tasted my DIY pomegranate juice ...success! It tastes like pomegranate. It's not perfect yet, but that first exhale was pure nostalgia. Why can't all of those shops get it right?! It's like they never tasted it or never had a real pomegranate.

I'm really excited about branching out from this flavor into some different blends. It needs just a little tweak to even out the sweet and tartness, but I think I could probably go with the current recipe for a while. It may be a little smoother than the Italian version, which was made by FlavourArt, but I've never been able to find online. They seem to only sell the concentrate online (melograno).

This week I'm going to mix a couple of recipe tweaks to try out. This one steeped for 5 days, but the aroma hasn't changed very much from the beginning, so it may be a decent shake and vape. Once I get the recipe the way I want it, I'll share.


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