Clay Project News

Posted by david on 27 December 2011 at 2:16 am
I've begun the project and repo changes on github, you can find them on Sorry, I don't have links enabled since I haven't pushed the new blog app to the site yet. What I've done is create 2 new repos, clay-framework and clay-installer. These repos will be mostly for developers who do not use all of Clay. I haven't updates the clay repo on yet, the old one is still there. What I'll be doing is keeping the repos updated individually, pushing and pulling updates as they come and merges. More repos are coming, but the main idea is to use the clay repo as a pool and merging changes into. The individual repos will allow transitions to come more smoothly and provide SDKs or a sort to developers. The hope from using all of these repos is to provide branches that go from slim to full to accommodate different needs for developers and users. Clay will end up being a suite that offers the functionality of the more stable packages and user contributions. My current contribution is ClayCMS, which is a package and libraries that offer content management features and applications.


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