Truly IDE

Posted by david on 03 February 2012 at 5:38 am
Intregrated Development Environments are essential in streamlining and maintaining software, even though a plain text editor is still my preference most of the time. One of the planned development strategies of Clay is to implement a data transport library to transfer and authenticate data between hosts. There are several potential and desired uses for such a system, but one such use is an IDE built into a package in Clay. The package would be a web-based development environment, using its own interfaces for testing code output. The code could be created anywhere, even developed simultaneously by multiple developers. When the code is ready to deploy or ready to test on a different server, the data transport system could be used to authenticate the developer and deploy the code. The same could be done for data to/from a database, to create backups, or for replicating web sites across multiple servers. The IDE could be setup to be used with version control tools or as a seudo version control system, requiring developers to checkout and checkin code as it progressed. There are many exciting choices and considerations when you are building a framework designed to be only as much as you need it to be.


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