Well, I've decided it's time to switch back to WordPress, for now. I really love everything I did with Clay, but I think it's time to move on. I don't have time right now to build something just for this blog or to continue updating Clay. It's been a great CMS and I think if I'd had help it could have made a real impact. It was a great learning experience for sure.

This blog will stay online as an archive at I don't really see the point in trying to import it, because eventually I'll move away from WordPress again.

2:15 am

Shortly after I posted the previous entry, I had an issue with my gallbladder. That sidelined my coding quite a bit. Well, now I don't have a gallbladder and I feel a lot better, so I'm back at it.

I've hit node.js really hard lately, so the site rebuild will be definitely be in node.js. I've built a react-boilerplate based on react-app that will be used for the website front and backend will be REST based multisite server. You can get the boiler-plate on my GitHub. I've already built a production static site for a client using it.

2:08 amSite Rebuild

I've decided to move on from Clay and PHP. I love them and I may still work on Clay here and there, but I need to broaden my horizons as a developer and this is where I've always done that.

I believe it will take a couple of months, because I have some other projects I'm working on. I'm not really in a rush and I'd like to get it right the first time. That said, I haven't given up on the ideas I had with Clay, I just feel like there are better options.

I'll probably just do a REST API and a static site here, although I have been toying with a REST CMS API. The latter may be a transition later or this may be the beginning of that. Either way, things are a changing soon.

I'll attempt to keep my old blog entries and import them into the new site. I'll definitely keep everything in case that is possible in the future if not right away.

1:31 am

I've been really busy lately, plus I haven't been feeling very well, which doesn't mix. Anyway, I haven't given up on building a new platform for this site and others. Luckily, one of my clients needs something similar, so I am moving in that direction, just kind of indirectly. My work has been pushing me to focus on ES6/Node.js/React, so that looks like the way I'm moving, although I'm considering doing the API server is Python or Golang. Maybe a future rewrite? I don't think I have time to get back proficient with either of those right now though, so likely Node.js.

In some spare time, I have converted part of my Bible site to an API, but not much else of it. I've also been working on the Gusta Project, which is going to be an awesome eliquid site/open api. Yeah, I've been pretty busy.

1:04 am

I have a new project that's been going for a month or so and now I have a new client as well. Both have been taking up quite a bit of time, so I haven't had time to consider what I want to do here yet. This post will just be my brainstorming session. // Begin Brainstorm

Clay took so long to build that it has always been a constant catch up to stay up with the times. It's still fairly modern, uses reactive javascript, and I've never seen a PHP CMS at it's scale that is faster (I've benchmarked). It's just been another PHP CMS, which isn't bad, but people like to diss on PHP.

I believe what I want to do here is something more like the headless CMS, but I want to build the head too. I know that doesn't make sense, but what I mean is: I want to build a service that provides structure, but isn't cognizant of the data. Then, the data can come from anywhere and it can come together anywhere. It takes the modern API/Headless CMS and splits it into a third channel to provide more control.

I control the data and the display, while the platform does the logic. That's the new platform I want to build here. End Brainstorm //

I am considering moving this site to a different platform, short term. I haven't had time to put into Clay 2, like I wanted, and I feel like using another platform may help motivate me to eventually get back into it. It may even allow me to focus Clay into specific use cases, instead of just a general CMS.

As much as Clay 1 has been updated, it's still lagging behind the competition and with one developer it is getting almost impossible to catch up. I think it's time to work on some other things and maybe create some of the things I wanted in Clay in other projects (some maybe not my own).

I haven't decided for sure, although I will be using other platforms for some things I want to build in the near future. I'll always work on Clay, it's my pet project. It may just be a little different in the future.

2:43 am

I tried a shake and vape strawberry ice cream, but it's more like a strawberries and cream. I feel like it may mature a bit, even if it did taste pretty good right away. If it doesn't, it's a heck of a strawberries and cream.

I'm beginning to get the hang of dividing my ingredients. The blueberry whipped cream adjustment I made was on target, it tastes just like the real thing and the flavors work in harmony with a little trailing whipped cream at the end.

I also mixed up a lemon scone and a coconut cream, for my wife. I'm still trying to figure out the scones, but I definitely have the creams in the bank.

2:35 am

A friend of mine like mint and methol liquids, so I'm going to test some on him. I made a strawberry mint lemonade, no one shots, just the individual flavors. It smelled delicious. He vapes a different vg/pg than I, so I mixed one for him and a max vg for me. Going to let it steep for at least a week and give it a try.

The only strawberry lemonade I've tried was really strong on the strawberry, so I tried to enhance the lemonade side a bit. It'll probably need aome tweaking, but it's by far my most complex attempt at mixing.

2:29 am

I tried the Inawera Cactus, with a touch of sweetener. It's only sat for a couple of days, but I'm really intrigued. It's good, really good, by itself. It doesn't taste like anything else I can think of. I can't even think of a way to describe it. Definitely going to try mixing it with some dragon fruit or pineapple. I may throw it into my rotation by itself.

12:51 am

That pomegranate juice just got better as I went through that bottle. I also mixed a bottle that is meant to be like a pomegranate scone. It's really good, but still needs a little tweaking.

I made a v2 of the plain pom and pom scone as well as plain acai and plain cactus to see how they taste alone. I've seen acai and cactus is several recipes lately, so that made me curious.

My flavor order took a few days to ship so I dont have what I need to finish some of my other recipes. I'm just getting started again, so it'll take a little time to get them right.

1:02 am

Backstory: I lived in Italy for 3 years, which is when I started vaping. While there I found this pomegranate eliquid (juice) I really loved. It was slightly sweet, slightly tart, and tasted somewhat like a fresh pomegranate. When I was leaving Italy, I stopped mixing my own juice and bought up a bunch of it. After vaping it almost non-stop, I moved back to the US and went to every local vape shop trying to find a good pomegranate juice. It all tasted like perfume. I was really disappointed and ended up settling for a mild whipped fruit flavor for my daily vape.

Today I tasted my DIY pomegranate juice ...success! It tastes like pomegranate. It's not perfect yet, but that first exhale was pure nostalgia. Why can't all of those shops get it right?! It's like they never tasted it or never had a real pomegranate.

I'm really excited about branching out from this flavor into some different blends. It needs just a little tweak to even out the sweet and tartness, but I think I could probably go with the current recipe for a while. It may be a little smoother than the Italian version, which was made by FlavourArt, but I've never been able to find online. They seem to only sell the concentrate online (melograno).

This week I'm going to mix a couple of recipe tweaks to try out. This one steeped for 5 days, but the aroma hasn't changed very much from the beginning, so it may be a decent shake and vape. Once I get the recipe the way I want it, I'll share.

12:52 am

I vaped my first DIY liquid this weekend. It was a little overpowered, but it keeps getting better so it likely needed a better steep.

It's a Blueberry Marshmallow blend, the recipe is really simple at the moment. I made a modified batch last night, so I'm going to let it sit this week and try it next weekend.

I'm just working on toppings right now and will work in some base flavors later. I've ordered a bunch of flavors to try out. I've been trying to take careful notes in the process to help me develop some good recipes.

There are tons of recipes online, but I prefer lighter flavors I can vape for several days straight. Most of the recipes online seem to be fairly heavy. I also prefer one shot recipes I can vape right away or after a short steep. If you are looking for online recipes, is a good source. I plan to post mine on there, once they are more developed.

I also have a couple of pomegranate batches I'm waiting to steep I'll try this week.